5 Ways to Build Customer Trust

5 Ways to Build Customer Trust

July 28th, 2015 Posted by Customer Trust No Comment yet

Building a trustworthy relationship with your customer is one of the most important and crucial aspect of a successful business. No matter how talented you are, and how much effort you put in your business, the survival of every business is based on the key factor to retain its customers with a bond of trust between each other.

Customer trust is a very powerful component, it is the make or break element. Once your customer has developed trust in you then you don’t need to worry about the competitor prices or promotion strategies, it’s your ultimate achievement, because customers trust overrules prices.

To make lifetime customers is not an easy task, building the desired level of trust takes a lot of hard time and some very important strategies to follow. Here are five ways to build the utmost level of customer trust.

  1. Provide Customers with Contact Information

Make it easy for your customers to contact you for any information whether you have or do not have a large customer care center, build in confidence that you are available to respond to their query and aid.

When customers have a direct contact number they feel assured that they have a way to reach you in case of any problem. Customers usually feel uncomfortable to trust when they don’t have any way to contact the company they are doing business with and communication channels are a proof that the company is confident about their activity.

  1. Share Reputation and Recognition

If your company has been recognized for doing something extraordinary then share it with your customers. Awards and Honors can change how your customers view you. Share with them the company ratings by the authorities to build referral relationship between you and your client which will make them believe in your performance, and hence increase their trust in you.

  1. Adopt Transparency

It is very important to adopt fair policies and be straight in your dealings. Starting from prices to policies to taxes and to dealers just keep your information out there to be viewed.  If you have hidden elements then your customers will lose trust in you. Hence even your words should be displayed out properly if you believe in doing what you say, because you can’t take the risk to break your customers trust.

  1. Don’t Make False Promises

Once a customer has taken a risk to bind a deal with you, be truthful and straightforward! Do not give hopes that doesn’t meet with your customers’ expectations. If you are aware of the obvious then state that, E.g. if the item will be delivered by Friday then say Friday rather than saying Monday. The trend of false statements and easily misleading the customer has changed, the trends have transformed where your every action can be challenged. So keep it truthful and honest because you can be tested!

  1. Display Client Reviews

If you have been successful in building a trust relationship with some customers who are happy with your performance and have given you their trusted feedback then share it on your website. Positive review about the company performance attracts other customers who by the word of others are ready to put their trust in you. So customer reviews can play an encouraging role in exhibiting out your good image.

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