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Why Pakistan is called the gift of God?

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Why Pakistan? Pakistan had to be created for Muslims to live their life in the way Islam taught them. The theory presented by Allama Iqbal became practical

by the efforts and handwork of Quaid-e-Azam and Pakistan came into being, not just as a result of a political struggle but with the basis of strong spiritual aspect. The name itself delivers the attribute of a pure land, as “Pak” means pure and “Istan” means land, hence the land of pure referring to Medina which was also a gift from Allah to His believers.
When Pakistan came into being in 1947, under the hardships of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the state had nothing. People had to use twigs instead of pins. The land witnessed the highest migration the world has ever seen, millions travelled and about millions were lost in this struggle. All we had in 1947 was a single university without chairs and boards, one dysfunctional mill but a brand new nation with courage and hopes.
Pakistan is not a country established just due to efforts of political movement but in reality it is a gift given to the Muslims of the Subcontinent by Allah, the Almighty for their faith in Him.
How is Pakistan a gift? For the fact that Allah provided the Muslims of the subcontinent a home to live in peace and religious freedom He also gave Pakistan all the ingredients of being a blessed country and the potential to shine on map of the world. People moved in this land empty handed, but the countless potential resting within this land didn’t leave them uninhabited, from its soil to rivers and mountains and to its seasons everything within the boundary had immense capabilities that could be called nothing but a gift for all those who had come in 1947 and those who are living here today.
In the present day, Pakistan abounds in natural treasures and breath-taking landscapes. After Tibet, Deosai is the second highest plateau in the world. We have trillions cubic feet of coal traced in desert Thar which is more than the oil of Saudi Arabia and Iran combined. The 5th largest gold and copper deposit of the world are in Chagai. River Indus and its tributaries makes the largest irrigation system in the world. Our country is one of the strongest producers of very basic human necessities like milk, cotton, sugar, wheat and rice. Karakoram Highway which is the highest paved road in the world makes Pakistan a home to the ninth wonder of the modern world.

Pakistan is not only blessed with abundant natural resources, but the northern part of the country has the most striking natural scenic beauty. The snow covered mountain peaks not only adds to its beauty but makes Pakistan a home to the highest five peaks in the world including K-2 which ranks at the number second. The valleys like Narran and Kaghan and hill tops like Murree and Shugran have awe-inspiring views. Other natural resources include gas and precious stones such as rubies, emeralds and extremely fertile soil which is rarely found in rest of the world.

The people of Pakistan are also unique and the country is known for its people at many platforms. Be it sports in which Pakistan has reached the top like the Cricket world cup or be it hockey in which we have four world cups and several other titles. From males to females names are well known for their capabilities in education, technology and entertainment. The enthusiasm of our armed forces ranks it within the bravest forces which single headedly have made the nation proud. All these individuals belong to the soil of their beloved Pakistan.

We as a nation started with nothing, yet today we have accomplished so much that no other country and has to go even further. Then how can we deny that this land is not a gift from Allah, it definitely is because all of these attributes that Pakistan has cannot exist in a single entity. We have all of this today because the land had the potential for us to benefit from. Be proud of what this nation is and explore what this country has for you, because the secret of this gift still lies unexplored.

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